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Nisko-Ardan Group

The Nisko-Ardan Group is a leader in electricity, electronics and technology, world renowned for its cutting-edge products and its ability to integrate and execute even the most complex projects.

Nisko-Ardan Group includes over 25 companies and subsidiaries, amongst them leaders in the fields of electricity and electronics: trading companies which exclusively represent top brands; integration and engineering companies that perform large-scale international projects and hi-tech companies that develop advanced products in the field of telecom, medical imaging and more.

Manufacturing transformers for electric grids, implementing "smart home" systems, marketing top lighting brands, laying networks for communication, detection and supervision, or developing broadband communications are only the tip of the group's abilities and demonstration of the synergetic value it provides. The group can offer comprehensive solutions to vital national infrastructure projects on one hand, and a high quality tailor made solution to a single customer on the other. The common denominator is the high quality end-result, full assurance and the strong backing of the group.

The Nisko-Ardan Group maintains its leadership position thanks to its involvement in new areas and broad investment in R&D. the companies that make up the group are attentive to the market, and are always prepared to go the extra distance to offer customers an added value. The group's long list of international projects and satisfied customers are a vote of confidence.

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