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Vision & Values

Nisko's vision and values have been the company's guide lines since it was founded. Even if the spirit of service, comradeship, initiative and long term outlook were not defined or named so, they served to steer the company's activities forward throughout the years.

Team Spirit

Nisko's strength is measured by its human resource, a strength that enables and welcomes various opinions and examines all activities in an open manner from different points of view. Team spirit is the basis of excellent customer service and harmony among the company's various departments. Team spirit enables us to work as one unified body when facing business challenges and the organizational aspirations set by the company.


Innovation is in everything we do. It combines a different way of thinking as well as the ability to create solutions from thin air. For Nisko, innovation isn't summed up by just improving technical abilities – it is the alternative consideration of human needs and tastes. The company's long term outlook and the value of innovation accompany its vision through the phases of development, production and supplying solutions which make our lives better.

Aspirations for Growth

Growth is one of the crucial elements for existence of a healthy and energetic business environment. Faced with growing competition, Nisko has always aspired to grow according to its quality and service strategy. Throughout the years Nisko has broadened the range of international brands it represents and acquired companies which enrich the scope of solutions it provides. Growth is that same passion that helps us to scrutinize new opportunities and provides us with the excitement to do more.


Nisko operates according to a clear code of ethics. We are obligated to act fairly with any person or group who has interest in the company: customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and others. As a company active in various business areas in Israel and abroad, Nisko is obligated to act according to the local law and ethical practices of reliability and integrity. These values are the basis for our established reputation.

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