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International Brands

Nisko maintains a strong working relationship with Osram since 1988. Osram has been delivering light systems and solutions for over 100 years and is world renowned for its technological developments and range of products. Osram's products are marketed to over 150 countries and can be found in private homes, offices, vehicles, labs, research centers, factories, production lines of technological products, stadiums, halls and more.

Siemens, one of the world's largest corporations employs over 400,000 people worldwide, has been represented by Nisko in Israel since 1978. In 2010 Siemens's turnover exceeded 75 billion Euros. Siemens provides integrated solutions in the areas of gas, oil, IT, medicine, auto manufacturing, construction and infrastructure, and offers innovative solutions to emerging areas such as mobile networking, sustainable energy and nano-technology.

Nisko markets 3M's binding accessories in Israel since 2004. 3M International is one of the most creative and diverse companies in the world, developing a wide range of products in the area of communications and technology, electronics, civil safety, medicine and more. Thanks to the company's specialization in the areas of plastics, insulation and binding, 3M's products are world renowned as user friendly, reliable and durable for many years.

Nisko markets Gewiss products in Israel since 2001. Gewiss, which produces advanced products for the electricity market, has a strong international reputation in terms of creativity, design, and finish. The company owns 11 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and South America which specialize in development and production. Gewiss markets its broad portfolio of high quality and fashionable products to over 80 countries, offering new solutions to home users, offices and industrial customers alike.

Nisko markets Walther's products in Israel since 1991. Walther specializes in industrial electrical products which adhere to the strictest European standards. Established in 1897, Walther's products standout with their high quality and durability. Nisko is the sole representative of Walther's Industrial electrical plugs and outlets (CEE type) offering various levels of security.

Nisko began marketing OMS's products in Israel in 2009. A Slovakian-based company, OMS is the largest manufacturer of light fixtures in Eastern and Central Europe. The company's superb light fixtures can be found in offices, hotels, residential towers, parks, stadiums and in industrial use. OMS fixtures standout with their elegance and ability to blend in with various architectural styles.

Nisko began marketing Epcos’s products in 1999. Epcos, founded by Siemens and today part of the TDK Corporation, develops produces and markets component and systems for electronics and electricity. Nisko is the company's sole importer to Israel of capacitors for harmonious filtering systems and improvement the power factor and net work quality of the electricity for efficiency and reliability operation system.

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