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About Us

Nisko Electricity and Electronics Inc. was founded in 1978. The company, which is traded on TASE, imports, manufactures and markets electrical products and electronics. The company's range of products provides a professional and comprehensive solution for home use, public infrastructure and industrial use.
Nisko is the sole representative in Israel of: Siemens, Gewiss, Osram, 3M and others. In addition, Nisko offers a wide range of high quality products manufactured at the company's plant. All electrical products are of the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability.

Nisko is there for you

The company's high standard begins with personal service, professional knowledge and a willingness to assist at any time. Our advanced logistics center is focused on customer satisfaction, and therefore is open almost 24 hours a day in order to provide with full and uncompromising service. Nisko offers its customers high level of flexibility in ordering and receiving goods, delivering them even in a matter of hours from placing the order. Very few companies in Israel offer equivalent national coverage as Nisko, sending orders out to distribution centers across the country twice and even three times a day. This forms the basis of our promise to customers – "Nisko is always there for you".

Looking Ahead

Nisko's quality products, logistic layout and synergetic value are an example of the Israeli initiative spirit. Today, Nisko's electrical products can be found in all homes and offices in Israel, and provide a superior solution for entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, contractors, professional builders and private customers alike. As a dynamic company, Nisko combines innovative ecological technologies with science-based products, planning and implementation. These provide an inclusive solution to the increasing and ever-changing requirements of the Israeli electricity and electronics market.

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